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Lenexa KS Furnace, Air Conditioner, And Geothermal Company

Lancaster Brothers Heating and Cooling has been providing air conditioner and furnace repairs and installs in Lenexa for years. With temperatures going up into the 100s in the summer and down below freezing in the winter, you need your heating and cooling systems to work properly year round. The owners and employees here at Lancaster Brothers Heating and Cooling are proud to serve the heating and cooling needs of our neighbors in Lenexa, KS. Our technicians are trained to handle:

  • Air Conditioner Repairs
  • New Air Conditioner Installations
  • Furnace Repairs
  • New Furnace Installations
  • Heat Pumps
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Maintenance Agreements

24-Hour Air Conditioner, Furnace, and Heat Pump Repair in Lenexa

For the past decade plus, Chris and Curt Lancaster have provided repairs and maintenance for furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, and other systems in Lenexa, KS community. For homeowners who want reliable service, you can call us here for regular service during the week or use our emergency service any time of night or day.

Our experienced technicians have the proper training to repair any make and model of furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump. You also receive up-front pricing on all of our services, so there are no surprises when it comes time to repair the air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump in your Lenexa home.

A High Efficiency Air Conditioner Or Furnace Can Save You Money

Lancaster can also install new heating and cooling systems in your Lenexa home. At some point, your old furnace or air conditioner just costs too much to run and repair. At that point, it’s time to install a new air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump.  Lancaster Brothers uses Lennox systems, which offers the best furnace and air conditioning equipment in the conventional market.

Their furnaces and air conditioners are high-efficiency and meet or beat the latest environmental standards. We also handle their air filtration systems if you need indoor air quality improvements. Our comfort specialists will analyze your Lenexa home and offer solutions to lower your utility bills and make your home more comfortable. Call us today for a free estimate to replace your furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump.

Go Green With A Geothermal System Installation

Lancaster Brothers also installs geothermal systems in Lenexa area homes. These systems use the temperature of the earth to heat and cool the home. We exclusively install and maintain the WaterFurnace brand. This company is the #1 manufacturer of geothermal units on the planet. The terrain available in Lenexa, KS is ideal for installing one of these units. The initial cost of installation is a bit more expensive than a conventional system.

However, within 5-10 years, the savings on heating and cooling more than covers that cost. In addition, there are still tax credits available when you install a new geothermal heat pump system. These tax credits allows you to deduct up to 30% of the installed cost of the entire geothermal project. You can also take the tax credit for both new construction and residential replacement. Call Lancaster, and we can talk to you about the best geothermal system to install in your Lenexa home.

Humidifier, Thermostat, and Filter Installations

The professionals at Lancaster Brothers can also install a new humidifier, programmable thermostat, or air filter in your Lenexa home. These indoor air quality items are important to making your home more comfortable, and they can save you money.

Whole House Humidifier

When winter hits the Lenexa area, the air inside your home gets dry. This dry air creates static electricity and itchy skin. It can even cause cracks in your walls and woodwork. A whole house humidifier installed by Lancaster can add the proper amount of moisture to your home. A humidifier will also make your home feel warmer, which means you can even turn down your thermostat and save a few bucks on your utility bills.

Programmable thermostat

Lancaster can also install a new programmable thermostat in your home. A programmable thermostat can save you money by allowing you to program when your heating and cooling system turns on. That way you can make sure the system isn’t running when you aren’t there, and it turns on when you are ready to come home. Programmable thermostats come in different varieties, and you can even control some through your smart phone.

Air filter systems

We can also install a variety of media filters and electronic air cleaners in your home. These types of filters can remove allergens and bacteria from your home, which is important if you suffer from allergies. An electronic air cleaner can remove up to 99.98% of all the air borne particles, so it is typically the best option when it comes to cleaning the air in your home.

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